30 September, 2006

British History in Art

Just as paintings throughout the U.S. Capitol depict pivotal events in American history that reflect its national mythology (and one doesn't have to equate that word with "fiction"), the British have similar artwork in the Palace of Westminster. The scene with William and Mary may not actually be in the palace, but if not, it should be. Here are some of the pivotal scenes:

King Alfred's Long-Ships Attacking the Danes

King Richard I on Crusade

King John and the Magna Carta

Reading John Wycliffe's English Bible

King Henry VIII and Cardinal Wolsey Confronted by Sir Thomas More

Bishop Hugh Latimer Preaches Before King Edward VI

Queen Mary I and Princess Elizabeth Enter London

Queen Elizabeth I Commisions Sir Walter Raleigh

Envoy of King James I Lays Foundation for British Influence in India

King William III and Queen Mary II Receive Declaration of Rights (blurry)

Queen Anne Receives Act of Union Creating the Kingdom of Great Britain


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the themes that were chosen as pivotal events, especially the older ones (like the decidedly un-p.c. one of Richard Coeur De Leon on Crusade). However, many of them do have a decidedly 1960s-70s feel, IMO.


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