19 June, 2006

An Englishman's Home is his Castle

Over the recent years the 'New' Labour government of Tony Blair has continued to undermine an Englishman's liberty. So much so that even the very papers that supported him a few years ago are now attacking him: How an Enlishman's Home Ceased to be His Castle.

The fact that, "an Englishman's home is his castle" is a key tenent of English Common Law it is a shame to see this, along with or areas of common law, being eroded away with no murmur of dissent from any quarter with influence.

This is a phrase that we English love to throw into conversations when discussing anything from, what someone has done with their garden, to what they may or may not get upto behind closed doors.


Anonymous Jiminy said...

Couldn't the Queen intervene to protect the liberties of her subjects? As the sovereign, she should veto treaties that undermine British sovereignty.

9:34 PM  

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