06 June, 2006

"Ascendancy of Rome in the Republic is Now Vanquished"

From Rev. David Frazer, residing in the Irish Republic, posted June 5th on an Ulster-Scots Yahoo! Group:

Ulster Protestants were justified in seeking protection against the aggressive, domineering tendencies of the Roman Catholic Church in early 20th century Ireland.

Partition was a mistake, however, as it allowed a virtually unchallenged Roman Catholic ascendancy to dominate in the Free State.

The unionist state of Northern Ireland with its 'Protestant Parliament for a Protestant People' was an unfortunate response to the real fears that many Protestants had about Rome's role in politics and society in an independent Irish state.

Unfortunately, Rome was able to form an informal ascendancy in the 26 counties because Protestant Ulster hid away in the corner and established a modified Protestant ascendancy.
Thankfully, the ascendancy of Rome in the 26 counties that was allowed to stand in the way of a democratic, pluralist Irish Republic has been vanquished and brought low.

There is no longer, therefore, a legitimate reason for Ulster Protestants to stand apart from the rest of Ireland and refuse to take their rightful place in the ranks of the Irish nation.

Already, there exists a 26-county state that guarantees civil and religious liberty to all its citizens and in which no Protestant is disadvantaged or refused full civil rights.

By contrast, the United Kingdom that claims jurisdiction over Northern Ireland discriminates against many of the Protestants of Ulster in its constitution.

No Presbyterian or Free Presbyterian can aspire to be British monarch, as the position is reserved for Episcopalians in communion with the see of Canterbury.

Church of England bishops sit in the House of Lords as of right but no non-conformists have been afforded that dignity.

Rev. David Frazer
Inse Bay, Laytown
County Meath


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